Wielka Sniezna system
LENGTHca 18000 m.
HEIGTH OF ENTRANCES 1906.2m, 1875,4m, 1851.9m, 1700.9m asl
SITES OF ENTRANCES Mala Laka Valley and Litworowa Valley, slopes of Malolaczniak

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Wielka Sniezna is a "cradle" where modern polish caving was born. It is the deepest and longest cave in Poland. Alpine-like character, extent of wells and pasages,complexity and presence of running water made it specific among others. Despite of years of exploration accumulation of problems in Wielka Sniezna is uncommon. (ex.Galeria Krokodyla, Partie za Kolankiem or Przemkowe Partie). On the turn of 1995 Wielka Litworowa was joined to Wielka Sniezna which was the most spectacular event of last years.

Historically Wielka Sniezna consists of: Sniezna, Nad Kotlinami, Jasny Aven, Wielka Litworowa. Wielka Sniezna was discovered by cavers from Zakopane: Jozef Fraczek, Bronislaw Noiszewski and Kazimierz Wróbel in july 1959. In 1960 expedition led by Janusz Onyszkiewicz reached -545m. It was fourth deepest cave in the world then! Year later international expedition reached siphon in -567.
Nad Kotlinami cave was discovered in July 1966 by Waldemar Karcz, Barbara Kawecka, Andrzej Kobylecki, Andrzej Lach, Agata Olech and Christian Parma. In 1968 cavers from Zakopane and Cracow joined the cave to Wielka Sniezna. Jasny Aven was known to local Mountaineers long ago. In 1959 cavers from Zakopane descented first well. In 1971 members of STJ Kraków reached bottom of second well and in 1978 W.Augustyn went over Mariola's squeeze and join the cave to Nad Kotlinami cave.
Between 1972-1985 cavers dived in terminal siphons: Dominiki i Beaty (-756) and next in Jeziorko-X where reached -776m, current depth of cave.
In 80thies and 90thies in cave cavers from Wroclaw discovered Partie Wroclawskie - system of chimneys and famous of difficulties Galeria Krokodyla

Joining in 1995 r. Wielka Litworowa and Wielka Sniezna strenghten the position of Wielka Sniezna as the longest and deepest cave in Poland.

EPIMENIDES CAVE PAGE: http://panda.bg.univ.gda.pl/~dbart