Smocza Jama (Dragon's Den)

LENGTH:               276 m.
DENIVELATION:         15 (-9+6) m.
HEIGTH OF ENTRANCE:   205 m. asl
SITE OF ENTRANCE:     under the Wawel Castle in Cracow

Smocza Jama (Dragon's Den) was first mentioned in XIII cent. in chronicle by Kadlubek. It's the most famous cave in Poland because of old legend. It is said that long, long time ago bad dragon came to Cracow. That ugly animal used to eat lots of lambs, cows and pigs. Once he demanded a maiden. No wonder, townspeople lost their temper. Smart shoemaker Skuba gave a pitch&sulphur in sheep's clothing to dragon so a dragon yield up his breath :)
In 1974 during scientific research side passage was found.
Smocza Jama is now accesible to the public for guided visits.

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