Przemkowe Partie - New parts in Wielka Sniezna

Here is history of exploration in Przemkowe Partie till May 1996

In 1994 Rafal Mateja from SGKW Wroclaw and his friends tried to dig through a mud siphon in Biala Woda - part of Wielka Sniezna cave. After three bivouacs, in november 1994 they succed. R.Mateja, T.Lysek, M.Mieszkowski, M.Rudyk, M.Sionek discovered 130m of new passages which they called Przemkowe Partie Przemek's Parts - to honour Przemek Rogowski who died in Wielka Sniezna in 1994.
In april 1995 R.Mateja, K.Furgal, A.Maciuk and K.Osinski discovered next 250m. In october 1995 R.Mateja, D.Bartoszewski, R.Bojdys, B.Janiszewski, R.Paternoga added 400 new meters. Two month later R.Mateja, D.Bartoszewski, K.Furgal, A.Maciuk, R.Paternoga next 450m.
Last skort bivouac was in the end of december 1995. R.Mateja, D.Bartoszewski, B.Janiszewski and A.Nazarko (first woman in PP) spent most of time in surveying. (+ next 50m)
Access to Przemkowe Partie is far from being a pleasure. It begins with narrow, muddy tunnel where yuo have to crawl and leads to few sqeezing points .Then you reach Komin Biwakowy - place when cavers usually sleep in. All the rest is:
- descending/ascending in wells rich of water,
- squeezing & squeeezing & squeeeezing.
Believe me nobody will be bored in PP.
Przemkowe Partie are now 1300m of length and 160m of denivelation. It's a system of slits in W-E direction inclined toward south. Little pond in Waterworld is exactly under the northern ridge of Malolaczniak. Discovered in december Niedorozwinety Meander leads to high chimney with falling water.There is the west end of known parts.

Przemkowe Partie - 30.03/03.04

Few words about that bivuoac.
* During surveying we have found ca 12 m of new corridor in Ciagi Slepych, (standard: narrow&muddy) and called it Piglet's bystreet. Now total surveyed in PP: 1021.5 m.
* We climbed in Kruchy Komin.
Team: D.Bartoszewski, B.Janiszewski, A.Maciuk, R.Paternoga, M.Wierzbowski


Przemkowe Partie - 27.04/01.05

Rafal Mateja and Marek Wierzbowski visited PP, climbed 27 m. up in Komin Spragnionych, in Kruchy Komin reached the bottom of new well (+20 m.) and left.:-)
Present length of PP is 1370 - 1380 m.


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