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After a fall of fourteen meters in G-13 he had a broken rib and injured spine. A five days rescue operation terminates the work of the expedition.
1991 The regular exploration activity of SG members is continued by expeditions of Speleoclub Wroclaw (SCW). A reconnaissance expedition concentrates in A-30 and it results in the extension of this cave from -245 to -552 m.
1993 The next SCW expedition continues exploration of A-30, which after the 1991 expedition was named Pozu del Picu de los Asturianos. A surface search resulted in marking several new entrances.
1994 The main goal of the SCW expedition was exploration of Pozu del Picu de los Asturianos (A-30), where they achieved -726 m. Surface prospection was continued in Jou Arenizas (C) and Canalon de Los Desvios. The former did not bring a single cave deeper than 50 m, while in the latter F-17 proved to be the entrance to a cave 477 m deep. After a subsequent connection with a higher entrance (F-18) Sistema del Canalon de Los Desvios (F-17/F-18) became 501 m deep. Also found was the entrance to F-15.
1995 Exploration of Pozu del Picu de los Asturianos (A-30) was continued parallel with the exploration of Sima de los Traviesos o de los Organos (A-1), resulting in their communication and establishing a new interesting cave system - Sistema del Jou de la Canal Parda (A-1/A-30). As usual Jou de Arenizas (C) was searched and as usual several new shallow caves were found (for instance C-7, about -70 m). Activity in Canalon de Los Desvios was also continued. Exploration in F-15 resulted in its connection with the known parts of Sistema del Canalon de Los Desvios (F18/F-17), largely extending the system.
1996 Sistema del Jou de la Canal Parda (A-1 /A-30) was deepened down to 903 m. Prospection was done for higher entrances to this system and to Pozu del Porru la Capilla (A-11).
Section NS Section EW Sections of explored caves
Sima de los Desvios (F-3) was searched with a view of connecting it with Sistema del Canalon de Los Desvios (F-15/F-17/F-18).
The activity of the Polish groups in the western massif (El Cornion) of the Picos de Europa since 1978, though irregular, brought about some results, especially in zone A. There were in all fifteen Polish expeditions organized by the following clubs: Speleoklub Warszawa (1978), Speleoklub Gliwice (1979, 80, 84, 87, 88, 89), Sekcja Taternictwa Jaskiniowego Czestochowa (1986), Katowicki Klub Speleologiczny (1986), Sekcja Grototazow Klubu Wysokogorskiego Wroclaw (1989) and Speleoclub Wroclaw (1991, 93, 94, 95, 96). The history of exploration, presented above, was reconstructed on the basis of so rich a material that it can not be listed here. Many facts in this material were contradictory.
Special thanks go to our friends Armando Alonso Bernardo Fernandez and Juan Jose Gonzalez Suarez from Federacion Asturiana de Espeleologia and all those Spaniards thanks to whom the expeditions to the Picos will remain our best memories.
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