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We had to wait 6 years for the next expedition. During this time a lot of speleologists passed through "FAKS". That is why in 1994 we arrived in the Kemetstain region as a compeletely new group led be me. From this time on, the Polish speleologists have come here every year. These expeditions decided that the most important thing is to resolve the problems left by Krzysztof Makowski. In Ariadnahöhle we tried to explore down. We removed the heaps of rubble above the last cascade, we widened a slit and went 15 m down. Here the cave ended definetily with an inaccessible fissure - at the depth of - 753 m. So we decided to explore the cave in the "Gangi". We discoverd new parts of this series, streaching towards Grosse Kemetsteinhdhle. We concentrated on finding the link between these two caves and on finding the continuation of "Gangi".

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Because of the exploration of "Gangi" I should mention the discoveries in Uber Wengerau Höhle. It is quite small, one kilometre long cave which axis is a big, old passage on the level of 1900 m. In the very close vicinity of Ariadnahöhle there are also two caves which have passages very similar to "Gangi": The Grosse Kemetsteinhöhle and the Über Wengerau Höhle. In the first one they are situated from 1930 m to 1790 m, in the second one they were found on the level of 1900 m. So without much risk we can suppose the genetic link of formation of these caves. These discovered parts belong to the same cave system, on the same level of siphons. They all have a well defined multi-level configuration developed during slight lowering of the erosional base.
At least partial discovery of this system is still a very interesting challenge in the Southern Tennengebirge. The most important effect of the exploration in this region has been achieved in Schnee Maria Höhle. At the depth of - 700 m the cave leads to horizontal, tube-like passages, which stretch in the northwards. The system of these tubes ends 200 m below the rim of the plateau in the north. Unfortunately, the series at this depth was choked by mud. Now, we explored in slanting but dry "Meander of Heavy Boots" at the depth of - 800 m. Up till now it continues down. The exploration of water series of this cave, like in the Ariadnahöhle, have not given interesting results. The first stream we left in the narrow fissure at the depth503 m, the second one - at - 783,5 m, the third one - at - 817 m. Up till now, the FAKS expeditions explored more than 12 km new passages in Southern Tennengebirge. Two caves - Ariadnahöhle i Schnee Maria Höhle are more than 4 km long and 700 m deep. This year we are preparing a new expedition which, we hope, will bring a lot of new spectacular discoveries in this region.

Translated by Marta Salamon

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