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Expeditions of Sekcja Grotolazow Wroclaw
to Eastern part of the Göll massif

Wiktor Bolek
Sekcja Grotolazow Wroclaw

The Göll is one of the massifs of the Salzburger limestone Alps (Austria). It is not very large, only 57 km2, but quite high - the highest peak Hoher Göll is 2522 m. The surrounding valleys are deep. It makes this massif very steep and the access to the main ridge is restricted only to few routes. On contrary to other limestone massifs in this region, there is no characteristic plateau. The Göll consists of almost one ridge. Polish cavers have been present in the Göll for almost 30 years. In 70's and 80's the central part of southern slopes was explored. In that time some significant results were obtained: Jubilaumschacht 1173 m, Gruberhornhöhle - 784 m, Mondhöhle -546 m. The eastern part of the Göll remained virtually virgin until 1990. This part is accessible from north by the only tourist route in the whole massif. First three expeditions (1990-92) were organised by Katowicki Klub Speleologiczny Ost Goll - Section WE, click for bigger one

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