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obstructions which prevented its realisation. Our friends, cavers from Trieste, gave us their helpful hand. It was thanks to their invitation and encouragement that we initiated the still going series of regular expeditions, whose goal is the Italian side of the Canin.
We began with the winter entry to Abisso Giovanni Mornig through the E10 (1977 m a.s.l.) entrance. The results of our efforts are briefly outlined below.
First expedition - winter 1995:
• Discovery of: Section Sosnowe series and the upper part of the high Meander Wiatru.
• Connection in Meander Wiatru of the caves Abisso Giovanni Mornig and WZ 10.
• Length of surveys: 515 m.
Second expedition - summer 1995:
• Discovery of: Sala Ryszarda in the upper part of Meander Wiatru. A chimney 200 m high leads to the surface. Behind the hall the meander continues.
• Connection of caves Abisso Mornici (entrances WZ 8 and WZ 8 bis) and Abisso Emilio Comici with Abisso Giovanni Mornig (cave system Complesso del Foran del Muss is established).
• Length of survey: 681 m.
Third expedition - winter 1996:
• Discovery of access to Ramo degli Inglesi - the most remote and then deepest part of the system.
Fourth expedition - summer 1996:
• Discovery near the connection Mornig - Comici: Sala senza Suffitto (an important place in the system) and a series extending (as appeared later) towards Grotta Dobra Picka. (Sala senza Suffitto becomes the place of connection by Italian cavers of Grotta Dobra Picka to Complesso).
• Length of survey: 304 m.
Fifth expedition - winter 1997:
• A difficult (the first so advanced after 19 years since discovery) attempt at exploration and surveying of Ramo degli Inglesi - a meander leading to the bottom of the system.
• Length of survey in Ramo degli Inglesi: 470 m.
• The system attains -670 m and the Italian record. in the number of entrances - 15.
Sixth expedition - summer 1997:
• Discovery of the cave Grotta Kropka Pi (1836 m a.s.l.) to the NW of the system.
• Exploration of Grotta Kropka Pi to the depth of 186 m.
• Length of survey: 880 m.
Seventh expedition - winter 1998:
• Deepening of Grotta Kropka Pi to -295 m.
• Connection of Grotta Kropka Pi with the system (in Sala senza Suffitto)
• Connection to the system (in three places in Grotta Kropka Pi) of the caves: Abisso P2 and Abisso Carlo Seppenhofer.
• Deepening of the system to 804 m (the new bottom: Sifone Seppenhofer).
• The number of entrances to the system amounts to twenty.
• Length of survey: 492 m.
Eighth expedition - summer 1998:
• Discovery in Grotta Kropka Pi of a large meander Fiume del Viento and the fourth connection with Abisso P2.
• Length of survey: 649 m.
June 1999
Federazione Speleologica Regionale del Friuli - Venezia Julia honours our achievements in exploration of the Canin by bestowing on us the prestigious award: Premio San Benedetto Abate.
Ninth expedition - summer 1999:
• The second in this cycle of expeditions advanced attempt at exploration of Ramo degli Inglesi.

Wide place in a meander, ph.: Marek Kozio

• Discovery of caves Picia Jama 1 (1705m a.s.l.), Picia Jama 2 situated NW of Complesso and their connection with the system through Grotta Kropka Pi. The number of entrances to Complesso rises to... 24.
• Discovery of the cave Lodowa (1905m a.s.l.) towards the W and its connection with Abisso Procopio, which lies close to the system.
• Discovery of the cave Loch Kozicy (1660 m a.s.l.) towards the N. Exploration to the depth of 110 m.
• Length of survey in the system: 252 m.
• Length of survey in Loch Kozicy: 368 m.
• Length of surface survey between entrances: 1146m.
Tenth expedition - winter 2000:
• Discovery of the series Ramo del Szef near the bottom of Abisso Carlo Seppenhofer, leading to Sifone Piccolo situated between Sifone Rafex and Sifone Burzowy 35 m below Sifone Seppenhofer.
• Protection of the Italian team which near the bottom of Grotta Dobra Picka deepens the system to ca 1 100 m.
• Length of survey: 124 m.
Eleventh expedition - summer 2000:
• Discovery of extensive galleries and of Sifone del Szef in Ramo del Szef.
• Preliminary conquest of the tight meander at the bottom of the cave Loch Kozicy.
• Discovery of a squeeze with strong draft on the surface above the centre of the system (Grotta MDM).
• Length of survey in the system: 657m.
• Length of survey in the cave Loch Kozicy: 34m.
• Length of surface survey between entrances: 893m.
Twelfth expedition - winter 2001:
• Discovery of Zone of Silence at the junction of Abisso P2 and Abisso Carlo Seppenhofer. It is a series of northwards going vast galleries. In Thundering Pitch they receive an unknown, large stream. A very promising direction. The system clearly approached close to the cave Rotule Spezzate neighbouring on the north (!).
• Length of survey: 375 m.


The results of the twelve expeditions may be briefly summarised as follows:
• Length of survey in the discovered series in the system: 4929m.
• Length of survey in the discovered series beyond the system: 402m.
• Length of survey of known, but earlier not surveyed series in the system: 470m.
• Length of surface survey between entrances: 2039m.
The discovery and exploration of the cave system Complesso del Foran del Muss is the result of the enormous effort, love of mountains and great passion to explore of the numerous international group of cavers, in which we had the honour to occupy an important place. The last word has not been said yet. We are approaching the moment of penetrating from Complesso to the neighbouring systems. When and to what degree it will be done - time will show.

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