Öst Göll 96 expedition
Between 24.07 and 25.08 in Göll massif acted second expedition organized by cavers from Sekcja Groto³azów of Wroc³aw. The main aim was a continuation of exploration in Ogrschacht cave we had found last year.
During exploration in Ogrschacht we reached -613 m. in horrible breakdown at the bottom of Ball-Room of Ogrs.
We found a few new caves in Barenstühltal and lenghtened Tatzelwurmhöhle. The most interesting cave of those new found in Barenstühltal was Barenhöhle. Entrance was known since 1946, but cave was not explored. Barenhöhle is very beautiful cave with large halls and interesting drippings.
Other new caves W12 (-60m.) near Ogrschacht and W62 (-93m.).
Total length of new discoveries ca 2000 m.

The weather was as awfull as in the last year.

Members of expedition:

Dariusz Bartoszewski,Wiktor Bolek,Adam Borysiewicz, Bartosz Janiszewski,Arek Maciuk (chief), Rafal Mateja,Bronislawa,Grzegorz i Krzysztof Jablonscy

See some more pics from Bärenhöhle and Ogrschacht

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