Chelosiowa Jama - Jaworznicka cave
LENGTH3670 m.
DENIVELATION 61 (-58 +3) m.
SITE OF ENTRANCEclosed quarry in Jaworznia near Kielce

The longest polish cave out of Tatras.In February 1996 was joined together with Jaworznicka cave. Because of unique flor deposits and bats winter quarters inaccessible for cavers.

Entrance was found by R. Chlebowski (geologist) in early 70 -thies First 100m was discovered by research workers from Geological Institute of Kielce. In 1984-1988 in cave explored cavers from Sekcja Taternictwa Jaskiniowego i Alpinizmu from Kielce and Speloklub Warszawski (Warsaw). In 1996 cavers from Speleoklub Swietokrzyski of Kielce after digging in new parts of Jaworznicka joined together two caves.

Raj Cave

LENGTH 240 m.
DENIVELATION 9,5 m. (-1,5+8)
HEIGTH OF ENTRANCES 250, 256, 259 m. asl
SITE OF ENTRANCE Malik hill near Kielce

Raj cave is second most beautiful cave in Poland. Because of rich drippings and archeological discoveries of appearance of Neanderthal men cave is reserve. Raj was found in September 1964.
In June 1972 150 m. cave route was opened for tourists.

Pagoda dripping, fot. Christian Parma
High Hall, fot. Christian Parma