LENGTH982 m.
DENIVELATION 69 m. (-63.4; +5.3)
SITE OF ENTRANCE Austria, Göll massif, southern slope of Bärenstuhl

The Bärenhöhle entrance is in the southern wall of Bärenstuhl (1712 m.asl) on the ca 1645 m.asl, about 20 m. above the border of small charming cauldron. Best way to cave - a few minutes of traverse from a touristic route on the Bärenstuhl - isn't difficult but could be hazardous after heavy rains or in winter.
Because of its shape nand size (15x8 m.) entrance is easy to find from the opposite part of the cauldron.Part of the entrance niche you can see at the picture. Bärenhöhle-entrance niche Through the round gap you can descend to a large pit. Half way down the pit there is a platform where from is an access to the middle part of a cave: Traba Slonia passage, Szalony Meander and Naciekowy passage. Bärenhöhle-entrance pit The bottom of a pit -cavern with a huge block of a rock called Elephant is connected with similar two large halls. In the third of them there is present deepest point of cave(-63 m.) Nearby there is possible connection with the surface(cone-shaped soil with stones and rocks). All three halls have floor filled with blocks of rocks, and are completely dry. There is no running water in Bärenhöhle. In a few places there are original rockmilk forms in walls and floor(especially in Naciekowy passage).
What is most important Bärenhöhle has something like genius loci and gives an authentic joy of caving.

The entrance of cave had been known long time ago (we found an old rust-eaten cans at the bottom of entrance pit, someone must thrown them in.)
Cave was first mentioned in Salzburger Höhlenbuch in 1979 (part III)
[nr 1336/23 Barenstuhl-höhle - description of the entrance niche by Hlawna in 1946.]
In 1996 during three visits [10.08, 18.08, and 20-21.08] Bärenhöhle was explored and surveyed by D.Bartoszewski, B.Janiszewski and R.Mateja.
animated polygon of Bärenhöhleanimated polygon of Bärenhöhle made with Polygon Master.

EPIMENIDES CAVE PAGE: http://panda.bg.univ.gda.pl/~dbart